Domus Domicile


Advisor: Kyna Leski
Degree project at RISD

The thesis is an investigation of body intimacy across scale. Within the setting of a dwelling, I explore the relationship between my body and the exterior world. Intimacy is evoked through skin and eye; it is the sensation of tactility and enclosure.The intimacy inhabits in the house.

The methodology of exchanging the interior and exterior is developed through cutting and flipping on a two-dimensional surface. The non-90 degree cuts allows the surface to grow and transform organically. It establishes an intertwined inside and outside spatial configuration and density.

In the making of the dwelling, methodology of folding and flipping allows the exchange of program on a smaller scale. It breaks the unit of room, and joint the program of use through elements.
The methodology developed previously is performed on an imaginary dwelling. Colors indicate the original rooms by function -- the cutting and flipping process break the tradition rooms into the use of each room: a slice of bedroom inside the living area becomes a day bed.

Windows and doors unfold into furniture of different use, as desks, shelves, and connecting mechanism. As two constantly flipping elements, windows and doors allow the interchange of inside and outside. It unites and divides the light, color, and spatial relation of the dwelling.