Color Field



Advisor: Jesse Reiser

This project is an exploration in color landscape. It is focused on the visual experience as body move through the site. It occupies this center strip of the island.
The project started from the visual reference of Diebenkorn’s painting, which is both a relfection of the fluctuant land form, and a painterly overlaying of visual imagery. I imagine the site the same way, a shaped, colored landscape.

Color functions in two indexical ways in this project: first, as on trusses, the landscape above being brought down to the interior environment. Sometimes as skylit, and sometimes without visual penetrations, but the same color carried through sugeesting the visual sequence above. Secondly, the concept of venue without formal architecture, instead it becomes a set of large furnitures that operate on the site to fit the need of various temporary event. This diagram shows that the seat, the stairs, the canopy are all seperated elements that can be fold and taken out on its own. And when folding, the outer shell of the folded elements share the same color. It becomes an artifiact rests within the site.